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Key Performance Parameters to Follow in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Sales

When you are working as a broker or agent in commercial real estate sales, it pays to set some clear and defined key performance indicators that you can personally relate to and see your market share growth and commission escalation.  There are plenty of competitors in the property market all chasing the same new business. (NB – you can get our free commercial real estate brokerage course right here)

Two things need to happen here; specialization and geographical focus.  When you apply those 2 elements to a Key Indicators model the commercial real estate brokerage business gets a bit easier.

In this special KPI report for brokers, John Highman talks about the indicators that you should watch for and track.  When you know your numbers, and that of your competitors, you can do something to improve your business of sales, leasing, and property management.

You can get the report right here…..

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Special report about KPI’s in commercial real estate brokerage sales.

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