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In commercial real estate brokerage, it is easy to get diverted away from the things that really matter.  Many clients and prospects will be seeking a slice of your time with inquiries, listings, negotiations, marketing, and inspections.


Somewhere in a busy working day you really must keep some of the available time preserved for sales activities.  By that I mean the core issues that bring you business such as this short but very important focus list:

  • Reaching out to new people who could need property help in the future
  • Building relationships with qualified people in local property
  • Providing local information that is useful and relevant
  • Marketing properties in the right way
  • Taking inquiries about properties
  • Holding inspections with the people that can complete a transaction
  • Negotiating on the deals that have potential and movement
  • Establishing the momentum of a property negotiation
  • Connecting with your clients as they move through the property momentum

So let’s simplify this list.  I have broken all of these things down to 3 important matters.  Here is a sales tip in brokerage for you to put on your desk or near your ‘work-zone’.

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