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What You Must Know About Listing Numbers in Commercial Real Estate

When you are striving to create market share as a broker or agent, you need a number of focus points to watch and track.  Important numbers show you what is happening and where you can improve.  Local indicators in property markets will show you the property types to work on and with for the enquiries that are coming in.

Listings are of course, at the top of the ‘heap’ when it comes to growing market share.  So a system of listing within that will help you with creating your opportunities and your new business pipeline.  Action on that is so important on a personal level for any broker or agent.  So what figures and facts should you work with?  Try these for starters.

In this booklet on commercial real estate listing numbers, you can track the best indicators that will give you leads and drive new opportunities.  Here is the booklet.

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Listing Numbers ebook for commercial real estate brokerage.

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