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Commercial Property Managers – Why is Your Job So Hard?

So many property managers graduate to commercial property from residential property.  The fact of the matter is that the transition is very hard; the property type is different and the management style and requirements are quite unique.

If this sounds like a challenge that you are going through or about to take on board, rest assured that things do get better, however you will have a learning curve and the sooner you get started the better.


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Commercial Property Manager Focus Index

In commercial and retail property management the focus includes all of the following:

At the bottom of the scale, industrial property is quite basic, followed by office property that is a bit more complicated.  At the top of the scale, you will find a retail property as the complex property type with the most investment issues to control and optimise.

The fees that you charge for your services should not be based just on a percentage of passing rent or income.  The fees should be balanced against the amount of work that the property requires or takes up your time.


Control Property Complexities

It is very easy to lose money in the asset or property management part of your business simply because you have not fully understood the complexities of the property and the demands of the property owners.  Review the managed property completely and then meet with the owners before you set your fees.  Understand what the property and the owners require of you.

Whilst this part of the real estate business seems complex and challenging, it is actually the best part.  You learn so much in property management and perhaps even much more than sales and leasing people.  You get to understand the investment strategies behind the operations of the property asset and how you can improve them.

In saying all of this, you will be very busy in your career.  Be a top performer that can motivate yourself and keep to a rigid time management process.  The demands on you as an expert in the industry will see great variation in your average working day.  It’s a great part of the industry; learn how to optimise it for your career.

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