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Customer Engagement Examples that Work in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In any commercial real estate brokerage, it is critical that new customers and clients be engaged with in some way or form by all agents.   Over time that engagement creates leads and commission opportunities; conversations with people create opportunities.  It is a simple rule to work with, and it is controllable at a personal level.  Commitment at a personal level to connect with new people is required to make things work.  NB – you can get more client contact ideas in our Snapshot program right here – its free)


So how do you measure your ‘engagement’ with customers and potential clients?  The simple answer is that the ‘engagement’ measurement process should be directly related to segments of ‘ideal’ clients.  What are the key client segments and the elements of your business that are so important to your momentum?


Client Contact Systems and Tools


What are the aspects of your day that are likely to produce a strong and positive client engagement?  A planned approach is required.  Try some of these for starters:



  1. Calls and contacts – always at the top of the list will be the direct calls that you are making to segments of people and prospects in your location. Cold calling and contact processes should evolve around that core focus.  If you to make lots of calls, then dialogues and conversations should be carefully considered.  Ultimately you want to create a conversation and leave a good impression and or create a meeting with the right people.
  2. Case studies and property updates – when you hear something about the local property market that may be related to an interesting sale or lease, there are likely to be facts and stories that can be shared with others. A property sale or lease in a precinct or property type will be interesting to others.  A prominent building or parcel of land may also have a ‘story’ for you to share or to tell.  The history of a property can also be interesting and used as a discussion point in the calls and contacts that you are making locally into your database.  Look at your local property market to gathering facts and case studies built around interesting properties and locations.
  3. Meetings and presentations – every meeting today is an opportunity for future follow up and ongoing professional contact. Leave a good impression in and from your business meetings. Use those meetings as a base of professional contact and communication.  Extend the value of every meeting by sending out material relative to the last contact and or information that may be helpful to your prospect or client.
  4. Forums – on a regular basis (perhaps quarterly) you can bring several your key clients and prospects together at a property ‘forum’ where local area information and property trends are discussed. Invite associated industry professionals to speak at your forums about property developments, laws, and investment alternatives today.
  5. Social Media – just about everyone today uses social media at a personal level. In commercial real estate brokerage, the process is a bit different, and the best methods of social media use evolve around local area information and property updates.  If you do this, you can show your business acumen and property speciality to the core group of customers and clients that you work with.
  6. Website and online marketing – considering the social media strategies just mentioned, look at your website and consider how you can add some value and interest to the website from a personal perspective. A blog structure and strategy is a good way to enhance online activities and profile.  You can do that for yourself and for your brokerage (different strategies are required).  Think about your online profile now and start to use a locally based information service on a blog model.  It is simple to do, and you can write the blogs from a ‘property specialist’ perspective.  The search engines love local property information that is helpful and interesting.


Considering these six ideas, you can start to track the numbers of customers that you are connecting with in each category mentioned.  That is how you start a customer engagement model as a commercial real estate broker or agent.  Simple process and simple momentum.

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