Make Every Minute Count in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate the time that we have available each day will always be under pressure from clients, deals, and administrative procedures.  We all want more sales and leasing opportunities.  So how do we get them?  It is a matter of balancing available time and important issues so we can achieve real results in listings and commissions.

The message here is that every minute in the working day should be planned and controlled as best possible.  The commercial real estate industry is highly rewarding for those that commit to the right things that can have an impact on goals and income targets.

Have you ever seen an agent that is struggling with market share and new business?  In many cases the process of struggle comes from an inability to prospect and market on an individual level.

So it’s a fact, your earning ability is based on how you use your day.  Here are the 6 main things that really matter for most high performing real estate brokers and agents.  I call this my ‘A’ list:

  1. Researching
  2. Prospecting
  3. Presenting
  4. Inspecting
  5. Negotiating and closing
  6. Database growth and contact

Notice how office meetings and activities are missing from the list?  I move team meetings and similar ‘general’ activities to my ‘B’ list; meaning I will get to them if time permits.  Now I know that will upset a lot of real estate team leaders and office managers, however our industry is based on income results and not ‘team meetings’.   Don’t stifle your top performers by calling unnecessary lengthy and frequent meetings; let your ‘top performers’ get on with building the business and growing market opportunity.

If team meetings are required, my rule is that they should occur very early or very late in the day, and only on a fortnightly basis.  I am not a big believer in lengthy office meetings; most real estate office meetings should be run to an agenda and be over and completed inside one hour.  Meetings can be a very big frustration to any ‘high achievers’ you may have in a sales team.

Split your office meetings so the administrative personnel have the opportunity to meet separately as required, as do the property managers.  Sales team members do not need to get involved in the other meetings more than once per month.

So let’s go back to the 6 ‘A’ list topics of high performing salespeople.   It is difficult to determine which of the six points will be more important than others.  My vote is that they are all equally important.  If you can refine your skills in each of the 6 topics, your chances of being a ‘top agent’ are very high.

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