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Telephone Tactics for Salespeople – Cold Calling Strategies

The telephone is perhaps the most important business tool that you can use in commercial real estate brokerage.  It is efficient and cost effective at a personal level; you can make plenty of calls every day quite easily.  It is the best way to contact lots of new people, and potentially those prospects that you need to build your real estate business.

With the telephone, you can efficiently use your targeted time each day as part of a prospecting model, thereby connecting professionally with greater numbers of new people.  Tactics are part of the process.  If you want to fast track your call conversions, practice is required with what you say and how you say it; that is a daily process and it is individual.  (NB – if you want more ideas to help with your prospecting model, you can get it here in Snapshot – its free)



The Basic Approach

So, what can you do here?  Time is important in brokerage, and it cannot be wasted.  In saying that, it is important that the call process is a daily event, and then it is highly systemized for the individual person (agent or broker), the property market, and the targeted groups of people.

So, there are some tactics to be developed here with time and in making calls.  Now is always a good time to change your business focus and make more calls.

Think about these questions:

  • Why make the calls? Clarity is required for a clear conversation.
  • What do you say? Practice will help you with dialogue.
  • How can you add value to the call process? Be relevant and real when making calls to prospects.
  • When can you make the calls? There is no point in making calls every few days when time is available.  Call prospecting must be a business habit in the day’s diary.

Over the years, it has been said by many brokers and agents that they are not getting the sustained call conversions they need, and or the high results that they seek in making calls.  Don’t be dissuaded by negative comments and or those people that can’t cold call with reasonable momentum and action.   Skill is required to make the process work.

Poor quality agents don’t usually have a professional commitment to the real estate business and or call contact skills.  Their comments on call prospecting are irrelevant to business generation.  They have little skill and system in the process.



The Call Contact System

So, let’s help you get your real estate business under control.  Here are some of the essential telephone tactics for salespeople today in commercial real estate brokerage:

  1. Do the research in quiet times of day. Get the call research done outside of working hours so you can make more calls in the busy times.
  2. Commit two hours to the process. It takes about two hours to get sufficient call momentum conversation frequency.
  3. Be clear and direct in your dialogue. Scripts are fine to use, but make them simple.
  4. Have something of value to say. Talk about the local area and the property changes or local listings.  Make your conversation more ‘valuable’ to the listener.
  5. Stand up when you make your calls. When you stand up as part of the call process you build better conversations; that can then lead to more meetings and ongoing business.
  6. Track your progress. Use a simple tracking process for all calls and conversations.
  7. Practice your voice and call conversations. You can do this every morning by reading a book aloud.  Soon you get more flexible and direct in your business dialogue.

These are all simple call contact processes to develop in commercial real estate brokerage.  Get your telephone prospecting model under control as part of your daily business activity and growth.  It is a personal skill to develop and refine over time.


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