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The Key Rules of a Top Quality Advertising Campaign

You only have one chance to capture the attention of your target market in commercial property sales and leasing.  The first 3 weeks of any promotional campaign will be so important to the message, inquiry generation, and inspection process.

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The factors of attraction?

Every good quality property marketing process has to be optimized for results; that’s the rule.  Time is of the essence to pull in the people looking to buy or lease.  Have you got a plan to make this happen?  If not, here are some ideas to help:


  • Vendor paid funds – always ask for marketing funds from the clients that are asking to list their property. If the listing is to be exclusive, then vendor funds are required to promote the property.  Adjust your presentation processes to pitch for the funds and the promotional advantage that the property requires.
  • Location specific – understand the streets, the businesses located in those streets, and the local property owners. When you know the people individually, you can make the calls and create the conversations.  Think ‘location’ and think property coverage.
  • Target market defined – when you convert an exclusive listing, the target market should sit at the centre of your promotional efforts.
  • Tell a story – build awareness about the property by providing good information and have a story about ownership, asset use, and or property location. Somewhere in that story you will have people to attract and convert to your services and recommendations.
  • Send a message that is clear and precise – sell the strengths of the asset with clear and definite information. The clearer the better when it comes to reinforcing the facts about the property and its advantages.  If you haven’t got some advantages that you can feed into your promotional efforts, then ask the property owner for some historical facts of ownership.  Get the message right before you go to press and or online promotions.
  • Solve the weaknesses – some owners of property will not solve property problems at the front end of marketing and advertising. Of course, any inspecting party will see the issues and lose interest in the momentum to putting in an offer.
  • Dot point consistency – you need about 5 dot points referring to the features of the property. Those dot points can be enhanced by creative and descriptive words.  Many brokerages have a professional copyright specialist oversee adverts before they to to press or go online.  Personally I think that is a great idea, especially if you struggle with the ‘written word’.
  • Make it easy to inquire – combine a few methods of contact into your promotional efforts. The methods of contact most effectively used will be email, mobile telephone, website, and social media.  Integrate them all into a professional marketing coverage for all of your exclusively listed properties.
  • Stimulate inquiry – bland advertising does nothing for inbound inquiry. Do something, say something, or have a few photos that promote the property comprehensively.  Are you ready for some action in property marketing?  Are your adverts better than the others around the industry?  If you can stand out from a promotional perspective in the industry, it will make it a lot better for you in future inbound listing activity.


Given all of these things, make sure you choose the best method of marketing, sale and or lease.  Some properties will have limitations on the best methods of marketing and negotiation, so choose the process that works.  Give the client some clear reasons for your choices.

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