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A Simple Formula for a Sales Plan

How do you create your brokerage sales plan? This solution is simple and easy. It splits things up into logical segments and activities.

So let’s get started on that. The video in this article will also help you. Divide your region into geographically defined market categories.

To make things easier, divide the zones into groups of about 250 properties each. When it comes to client interaction and prospecting, this makes things a lot easier.

Precinct Outline

Once you have set the region and the precinct breakdowns, research is required into people and properties. You can methodically work your way through the streets, the properties, the investors, and company sites to find sales and lease options.

Examine the sales and leasing activity that has occurred in the neighbourhood in recent years. Keep an eye out for fresh advancements in property ownership and developments, and growth corridors or categories.

Look for pricing and rental trends in current listings and recently sold or leased properties. Check out this video below.

Competing Agent Model

Examine the agents and brokers in your zone who are competing for your business. Some of these will be more effective than others.

Determine any flaws in the agent’s speciality and service. What can you do to add significant value to the clients you can help?

Don’t be too generic in your analysis. General-purpose agents do not earn a lot of money and do not have a significant market share. Take a unique perspective on your sales territory and type of property.

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