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Real estate ownership and occupation are in a perpetual state of movement and change in your neighbourhood and area.  That is a good thing, especially when as an Agent you looking for a growth plan for your market share and new business through the year. 

Tap into property changes and property pressures through your region. Segment your region so you are locally moving through zones, streets, and buildings. Track the information that you gather so you can go back to it at any time.

Where can you start with this? First, make sure you keep an eye on the key locations and properties that are up for sale or lease.  From that, you can keep track of market trends and a handle on people and property issues.

Looking for Local Activity

When you see something strange or different in property activity, ask the local people, the adjoining businesses, the property owners, and the tenants in location.  Information gathered and shared in that way will help your growth of the new real estate business.

It would be best if you kept an eye on how many real estate sales and leases have been completed and the results of each.  Also, check out how long the locally listed properties have been on the market. Then, when you pitch for new listings, these elements will assist you in contacting and negotiating with clients.

Focus on real-world experience when making decisions. It is difficult for tenants, buyers, and clients to frustrate your advice and any real estate negotiation when you do this. Include all the significant enterprises, active investors, and large properties in your knowledge of the surrounding area.

Time Effective and Task Perfect

Make it a point to leave the office for a few hours each day and walk around the neighbourhood to look at the buildings.  Walking around your location is more effective than driving.

In walking the local area you can spend more time looking and reviewing things related to property locations and activities.  As part of that process, you can take notes for research and review later.

When you’re out and about, make notes of all the key sites and establishments you come across.  Take photographs of properties as you do that for later reference.  A note-taking ‘app’ on your mobile phone will help you with that.  Google Keep is an excellent note-taking solution to use in real estate and is available to any Gmail user. 

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Listing Notes

How do you use those notes? You can take the information in those notes to conduct further property investigations regards occupancy or ownership.  It is a way of creating an orderly process for your real estate business. Use the idea to tap into potential leads, company changes, and changes in property ownership.

Your diligence here can help you in finding future property clients and transactions. In addition, research, and note-taking like this can help you with property processes, communications, and your search for new business.

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