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The Essential Marketing Brand Strategy for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

You are your ‘brand’ in commercial real estate brokerage.  Like it or not, people will assess you and your skills before they choose to do business with you, and that is regardless of the brokerage that you work for. 

Brand is everything in the property industry; focus on your personal image and profile first and foremost, and become the best agent by brand that you can. 

Attract more listings through your personal interaction and coverage in the local property market.  Let your professional profile strengthen through marketing both online and offline; construct a yearlong campaign and the promotional tools to do that.  Build your promotional campaign for client and property coverage.

Your Current Brand?

So, how are you positioned now in your location as a professional?  Improvements can always be made.  You can be a ‘cool brand’ for the location and the real estate property type.  Make it easy for people to like you and respect the value that you can bring to their property, or property challenge.  Be different, real, and relevant in your industry and property type; above all else, don’t be ordinary, there are too many of those agents around.

You could say that this is like you being the ‘go to agent’ for the location, or the ‘top agent’.  When you get ‘tagged’ in this way, you will know that the people in the local property market respect you and your skills that you can bring to the ‘property players’, be they the sellers, buyers, tenants, developers, or landlords.

The ‘Cool’ Image for Professional Agents

To create your ‘cool brand’ in commercial real estate, consider the following strategies:

  1. Signboard coverage – get more signs into your zone or territory. Visibility is very important for improving inquiry and market awareness at a personal level. The signboards on exclusive listings will usually be of a higher quality, size, and content. If you are focusing on the exclusive listing process within your brokerage, then your signboard presence should be improving. Get your name and your cell phone number on to all the signs on all your listings. On a regular basis and within the territory or your allocated location do a signboard count to understand your position in the market.
  2. Property specialty – choose a property type that can offer you the best levels of opportunity in listings and commissions over time. Within that property type, look at every variation of listing focus across sales, leasing, and property management. Cross pollinate the levels of business that you are creating from your clients and your property specialty.
  3. Results when it comes to deals and transactions – in completing an on-market deal as either a sale or lease transaction, get the message of success out into the local businesses and investors. Spread the word when it comes to achieved property results, marketing, and time on market. Every good property outcome should be communicated to the local area at a personal level, inferring that you are the reason for the result being achieved.
  4. Raving testimonials – use your testimonials to build your brand, and particularly those that apply to the larger transactions locally. Use photographs, property details, and client details when it comes to the high-quality testimonials in your marketing initiatives. Help your prospects understand the levels of value and knowledge that you can bring to their property.
  5. Plenty of exclusive listings – help your clients and prospects appreciate the advantages of exclusive listing for the location when it comes to price outcomes and time on market. Comprehensively market your exclusive listings and include them in your other listing presentations.
  6. High grade targeted marketing campaigns – every good quality exclusive listing should be subjected to a high-level marketing campaign. Vendor paid marketing will be required as part of that process. Use the media channels, both online and off-line, to reach out into the targeted buyers or tenants for each specific listing. Stage your campaign and use a timeline approach to target market coverage. Tell your clients how you will promote their property personally and individually through the location. You can be the point of difference when it comes to converting a listing and attracting inquiries.

So, you have a story to tell when it comes to property listings and your personal skills as an agent from location. Establish your brand comprehensively and deeply for the property type and the territory. Go deeper when it comes to exclusive listings. You can be your cool brand in commercial real estate providing you focus on the concept and drive the initiatives forward.

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