The Mindset of Top Agents Today

We are in a new real estate cycle, which is an opportunity.  It is time to step into it.  There are some new ideas here to help you with that.  First, I want to focus on your real estate mindset.

What you think about on a daily basis influences your actions.  It directly follows in commercial real estate that you should always protect your focus and mindset, now more so than ever before.  Don’t let the ‘media swamp’ shape your thinking or divert your actions. 

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Service Solutions and Ideas

Our industry is specialised and well placed to be a service solution for many property owners right now.  Don’t let the events of the media world run your real estate business; shut out the press and social media. 

Start talking to your people, clients, and contacts.  They need a caring, trusted property advisor; someone who can offer ideas and sales or purchase solutions.

The key message is this. Shape and protect your thinking, actions, and communications.  Daily, you can and should now work to a plan; the new business is out there.  Put more people into your telephone calls and conversations.

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Clear Thinking

The real estate people and clients that we serve want agents with a clear head, direct strategies, and defined procedures.  You can cover all of that in all the requirements of:

  • Sales
  • Leasing, or
  • Property Management

Top agents don’t work on the ‘averages’, but they excel in unique situations and changes. They look for those unusual situations and decide how they can tap into the cycles and pressures that other people are experiencing.

Top agents thrive in this market.  History shows us the way.

commercial real estate listing pitch chart
Listing Pitch Chart by John Highman

How to Help Your Clients

What can you help your clients with now?  Selling is the simple answer and try these ideas as part of that:

  • Specific methods of sale
  • Special marketing processes
  • Online processes to targeted markets
  • Sales and leaseback
  • Off-market transactions
  • Matching people to properties
  • Local area marketing
  • Direct marketing to key people
  • Use databases deeply and specifically

There is no excuses or hurdles to finding and promoting properties for sale right now.  Establish the mindset and go with the process.

Tap into the opportunities of change and churn.  Look for the people that need your help with any property sale, purchase, exchange.  Identify the services that will help them consolidate, thrive, gain control, and or achieve a positive property outcome.  It’s going to be a busy property market.

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Keep It Simple

What services can you offer?  Our real estate business is not complicated.  Think through what you can do and start the process of action.  Set your mindset firmly into opportunity and client services.  A full 80% of your working day can and should be action based on telephone calls to people and targeted groups.

Your actions today, tomorrow, and for the next few months should be shaped around calling your contacts, clients, investors, and local business owners. 

Be the ‘clear thinking professional’ that others need in commercial real estate.  Ask questions now; provide alternatives and ideas as people look to consolidate, improve, reposition, or reduce.

The Choice for Investors Now

Remember that commercial real estate is now more than ever, the ‘investment platform of choice’ that others will now select and see as attractive.  The momentum of investment change is there now and will start to grow, so talk to people each day from now on.

Some Ideas and Actions for today:

  1. Who will list their property or properties with you now?
  2. Who can you talk to locally that needs help in the ‘cycle of change’?
  3. Who can you talk to locally that wants to pick up some new investment properties?
  4. How can you double or triple your time on the telephone every day to talk to people?
  5. What innovative marketing solutions can you use to get the message out to buyers about properties coming up or those that are now for sale?

The telephone is now your prospecting tool of choice.  Use it comprehensively each day and track your progress.  Get the listings in as a priority.  Keep busy but precisely so.  Be ready to match the demand of people moving cash from the share market.

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